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Wood Pellets

Wood PELLETS are eco fuel made from compressed organic matter or biomass. There are no impurities such as added binders, just natural pressed wood sawdust. The advantages of using wood pellets are their compact size and portability, high energy density, low moisture content and minimal net carbon output, making them very appealing as a renewable energy source.

Wood PELLETS are easily adaptable to automated combustion systems and, with carefully controlled use, their emissions can be reduced to a minimum.

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Why Our wood PELLETS ?

The heat output of wood PELLETS is more than 4.8 kWh/kg. They provide maximum burning efficiency, with no additional energy needed to dry or prepare them for the burning process.


Composition: Natural wood sawdust

Weight: 1050 kg

Pallet size: 120 x 100 x 165 cm

Pellet diameter: 6-8 mm

Quality standart: DIN+

Ash content: less than 0.3%